''I have never had counselling before and after having difficulties in my relationship I thought I would try it. I found it extremely beneficial even though I only had a few sessions. It was good to openly talk and not feel judged or feel bad about my feelings. I felt a huge relief after the sessions and being able to speak openly about my feelings to someone completely independent was very beneficial. I felt comfortable talking and was made to feel that my thoughts and feelings were ok and I wasn't a bad person. I didn't feel guilty about my feelings. I definitely benefitted from the sessions and would definitely seek support in the future if I needed too.''

Here are some testimonials from past clients

​Names removed for confidentiality

Female- age 17, bereavement and depression.. Since coming to counselling I  have found it really helpful to discuss my issues in a safe and confidential environment without being judged .I am beginning to understand myself better and learning new ways of coping with my issues. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

                     Male- anxiety and depression age 38. ''When I first come I didn't know what to expect or how it could help... I attended for just 4 sessions and feel like everything has changed for the better. Counselling helped me to understand how my negative thinking was making my anxiety worse, and how it was affecting those close to me. I am practicing being more open about my feelings and communicating better with those close to me. My self confidence has improved, and I feel like I can plan for the future again... Many thanks''

Female - age 24  - anxiety and depression .''I have been attending  sessions over a period of 3 months and it has made a big difference to my self esteem and confidence. Its good to be able to speak with someone in a confidential setting without having anyone make judgments about me. I have gained a clearer insight into my problems and can now feel myself returning to the girl I used to be , before the depression took over.. so pleased ! ''

​Female  age 46- My experience of counselling was  so different to what I expected, though did not know what to expect. Linda is a very down to earth lady, warm and friendly which put me at ease on the first meeting. I felt comfortable ,accepted and listened to. I now feel more able to manage my issues, and in control of my anxiety , many thanks !

And this is what a colleague says about Linda

Linda is an extremely caring and considered therapist. She has 9 yrs experience working in social care and mental health settings. She has a collaborative approach to working with clients' and works within a systematic approach- which simply means she takes into consideration the different contexts in which people live.
Linda works mainly with adults/ adolescents and has a particular interest in interpersonal relationships- which may include relationship/couples counselling, family conflicts, friendships, anxiety and social anxiety, low self esteem and self confidence.